On a dark winter’s night

It was dark.

It was always dark on November nights. But it was…darker. The street lamps weren’t glowing. It felt like someone had shrouded the darkness with a black blanket of some sort.

It was creepy.

She walked alone on her way home, back from work. Her life was quite simple – she got up every day at about ten o’clock, paced her way to the grocery store she worked at, had a break at noon, then take over again. She took double shifts to earn enough money for college.

And she was only in her twenties.

She reached the town park – a damp, dark place, much cosier in spring or summer than now. She had heard rumors of the thugs and thieves roaming the place at night, stalking their prey. But she had no choice.

She had to go home.

So she ventured bravely into the dark abyss of the park. Her steps echoed through the air; the wind was blowing smoothly, spreading the sound everywhere. The crowns of the trees bent towards her, imprisoning her inside the cavern this place was turning into. She hastened her pace, breathing heavily; she was almost running. The more she ventured in, the darker it got; the colder her flesh felt.

And then she tripped.

She heard a laugh and she made a tremendous effort not to get more frightened than she already was. She stood up and saw him.

A thug.

He was taller than her, his arms were huge, his face was utterly disgusting and his bald head added an extra awe to the situation. He smiled slyly.

She trembled.

A click was heard. It was as if someone lit a smoke. They both turned towards the sound. A boy, around her age, was standing behind the thug, wearing jeans, black jacket and combat boots. A chain was hanging from his waist. His hands were covered with black gloves. He had indeed lit a smoke and puffed vigorously from it. They were puzzled. He threw the smoke down, unsheathed the chain and said a simple


So she ran.

The thug tried to catch her, but the boy intervened.

She heard screams. Man screams.

She wanted to turn around, but something held her back. Was it the calm voice of the boy? Or the fear that the thug is chasing her?

She halted and turned.

There was nothing.

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